"Thank you to Shape Fitness USA and Hayden’s personal training guidance for helping me reach the best body figure I’ve ever had in my life for my wedding day!  Before AMPT boot camp, I tried working out on my own and never came close to the level of results I have seen while working out with Hayden’s guidance and support.  I went into boot camp thinking I would just do it in preparation for my wedding, but I have had so much fun and it is such a motivational atmosphere that I continue coming back months after my big day." 

-- Kayla

“AMPT Boot Camp is not your typical boot camp.  You don't have to bring equipment.  They provide it for you.  It is a very laid back environment.  Everyone is helpful and encouraging.  I have more energy.  I am stronger and more flexible.  I felt so good that I bought eight more weeks!"
-- Amitra

“AMPT Boot Camp and Designer Bodies have changed my life.  I went from a size 8 to a size 4 in just a few short months.  I'm more toned, and have way more energy than ever."
-- Mia



“Hayden is a clear and motivational instructor.  I have worked out for years, but have never had the results I do now.  The best thing is that the results were very quick.  I wish I had known Hayden years ago.”  ​
-- Romany

"Hayden's personal training program has had a great impact on my life. The process is not always easy, but I gained a considerable amount of strength and lean muscle mass.  His personal training program gives me good direction toward exercise and proper nutrition.  It makes me feel comfortable doing what I can at my own level.  Bottom line is, I get results. ”​

-- Ruth